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The primary action between the Jewish internees of the Warsaw Ghetto and the Nazi German troops occupying Poland began on this date in 1943 as the single largest Jewish revolt of WWII.  The Nazis were attempting to transport all the Jews in the ghetto to extermination camps, liquidating the ghetto, but under the direction of the Jewish Combat Organization and the Jewish Military Union (as well as fighters from the Home Army and the People’s Guard), the internees resisted for almost a month before the sheer force of numbers and military might of the Nazi army stamped out the last of the fighters (culminating in the destruction of the Great Synagogue of Warsaw on May 16).  Estimations of the dead after the ghetto was liquidated run to roughly 13,000 killed during the Uprising, with another 56,000 deported to extermination camps.  The Nazis lost 17 men.

Stamp details:
Top left:
Issued on: April 19, 1948
From: Warsaw, Poland
SC #418

Top middle:
Issued on: July 10, 1956
From: Warsaw, Poland
SC #737

Top right:
Issued on: April 19, 1963
From: Warsaw, Poland
SC #1132

Second row:
Issued on: April 19, 1983
From: Warsaw, Poland
SC #2572

Third row left:
Issued on: April 18, 1993
From: Warsaw, Poland
SC #3151

Third row right:
Issued on: April 19, 2013
From: Warsaw, Poland
MC #4605

Stamp on bottom:
Issued on: April 2, 2013
From: Tel Aviv, Israel
WNS #016.13


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