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Today is the 38th anniversary of the Green March, wherein 350,000 Moroccan protesters entered Western Sahara to demand its return from Spanish control to the Kingdom of Morocco, sparking the Western Sahara War, which would last for 16 years and only end (so to speak) in a political stalemate imposed by the UN in 1991.  Now the Western Sahara remains disputed territory (it’s on the UN’s list of non-self-governing territories), with old claims by Spain (the Spanish withdrew later in 1975), Algeria (the Algerians withdrew in 1979), Mauritania (also withdrew is 1979), Morocco (who continues to control most of the territory, including all major cities and ports, despite international calls for its withdrawal), and the so-declared government-in-exile of the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (formed from the national liberation movement, the Polisario Front, which is comprised of, you know, the people who have historically lived in Western Sahara).  Time will tell (or so it is hoped).  These stamps are of particular interest because they contain real live sand from the Sahara [well, maybe not live] [but real, definitely real]!  For an in-depth look at Western Sahara, check out Javier Bardem’s documentary, Sons of the Clouds: the Last Colony.

Stamp details:
Stamp on top:
Issued on: November 6, 2010
From: Rabat, Morocco
SG #1719-1720

Stamp on bottom:
Issued in: 1924
From: El Aaioun, Sáhara Español
SG #7


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