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Today is World Turtle Day!  Founded by American Tortoise Rescue, the day is used as a springboard for spreading awareness and understanding of turtles and tortoises and, you know, terrapins.  Chelonians in general (that is, members of the superorder Chelonia, not the creepy mccreepersons from Dr. Who).  Join the fun on the facebook, or make your own fun, but give a thought to helping a turtle today—or any day. 

Stamp details:
Top left:
Issued on: January 2, 2004
From: Honolulu, HI
Designed by: Ethel Kessler
Illustrated by: John Dawson
SC #3831e

Top right:
Issued on: October 7, 2003
From: San Diego, CA
Designed by: Steve Buchanan
SC #3818

Bottom left:
Issued on: June 13, 1987
From: Toronto, Canada
Designed by: Chuck Ripper
SC #2326

Bottom right:
Issued on: April 6, 1999
From: Tuscon, AZ
Designed by: Ethel Kessler
Illustrated by: John Dawson
SC #3293b


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